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A Conversaytion Piece!®
What it is and what you get.
Not a conversation piece.

Created by a world renowned person known for absolutely no artistic ability.

The perfect gift from someone with no taste to someone who can appreciate that.

Comes complete with a highly detailed manual, listing all of the things
~ ~ A Conversaytion Piece!® is quaranteed not to do.

(This manual is not suitable for framing.
It will, however, make an adequate coaster.)

Complete instructions for a drinking game.

(The more you drink the better it looks!)

Absolutely not a limited addition.

(I will make and sell as many of these puppies as I can get away with!)

Hand made using an exclusive "Found Wax" process

discovered when pure dumb luck triumphed over talent.

Might very well be a prototype for the next really popular fad.

(Then again it might not.)

Absolutely guaranteed to not increase in value

one hundred years from now at the antique road show.

(If it does we will gladly buy it back from you at the original price!)

Absolutely no refunds.

(You may return it at your own expense, plus a $10.00 restocking fee!)

Arrives in an attractive gift box.

(Hand wrapped in generic plastic wrap.)

Hand numbered, dated and initialed.

Sculptures are approx. 3 1/2 inches X 3 1/2 inches and will vary in appearance.

The spinning animation above is for illustration only.

(If you want it to turn, you will have to do it yourself.)

Rated R!

(Not for sale to anyone under the age of 17, unless they are accompanied by a Mensa member.)

Each hand made sculpture sells for $49.95 including tax, shipping and handling.

(Ships to the 48 Contiguous United States only.)

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